How to join Session Starducks(English)

How sessions works and Duckling rules

Register to get the Base video.

SSDconcept map

While listening to the base video (with headphones), film yourself playing an instrument, singing, or doing a performance of any kind.

There are 2 kind of Sessions, Duckling session and MY-My sessions.

Duckling session

  • Upload your Applicants’ video at Session Starducks reception. (You can choose the video is only for Duckling video( and Combination video) only, or public itself to allow other participants to see and to use as a material of their videos).
  • Once sent, your video will leave our space-time continuum and may become a part of the video provided by SEATBELTS (under the direction of the Captain Duckling).
  • Several sessions will take place.


  • Record in 30 FPS using any smartphone in vertical position.
  • Please keep the audio to your sound only, as possible as you can.
  • The Base video sound by SEATBELTS shouldn’t be blended in your video.
  • Please listen to it with headphones while filming your Applicant’s video.
  • We also welcome lip-syncing, small voice, and air performances by people who have difficulty making sounds at home or who are not good at playing musical instruments.
  • SSD will use the posted Applicants’ videos as material freely.
  • The Base video does not include “all accompaniment parts”. The unrecorded parts are expected to be easier to be used on Duckling video, but that may not be the case. It doesn’t matter either way.
  • If your video is not selected, or if you are not satisfied with the finished product :

・You can create your own MY-MY video and make it cooler than Duckling video.

・You can send another Applicants’ video to impress the Captain Duckling.

That’s how you can get your revenge. No other complaints will be heard by the Captain Duckling, as she can only answer by quacking.

  • You can use your Applicants’ video in any other way you want (as long as it does not contain audio or visuals from the base video).
  • Creator of selected videos will be credited under the name you have registered as.

MY-MY session

  • You create a video(MY-MY video) by yourself, using your own talent/time/means/money, based on the Base video. 
  • Or, make up your own video based on Duckling video, MY-MY video or Combination video.
  • Both types of video will be published by SSD in some way on internet.


  • Please credit SEATBELTS as well as yourself in MY-MY videos.
  • You can post your video on other platforms as long as you posted it on SSD first (MY-MY videos will be public on the same platform as Duckling videos). Any videos not sent to SSD first will be considered as not complying to the project’s rules. It means you must negotiate all of the right holders to use your video.
  • You cannot use any videos from this project with commercial intent.
  • There is no limit to the talent/time/means/money you can invest in MY-MY videos, but be careful not to go bankrupt.

Common notes on SSD project

  • You are allowed to use the audio and visual provided by SEATBELTS only within the rule of this project.
  • SSD approves the secondary creation of the published videos for use within the SSD project only, as long as you are a good kid.
  • If a “good kid”, according to the rules of this project, wants to create a new video (Combination video) using Duckling video or MY-MY video he or she will be approved.
  • If SSD could get some money by tip, donation and/or other contributions, it would be used in the following order :

To pay unavoidable fees and people that cannot be volunteers and tip for the assistant of musicians.

Share for SEATBELTS members who are taking part in the project as volunteers.

The cost of feeding the Captain Duckling, the cost of toys, the cost of unimaginable luxuries.

  • In the case the project were to strike gold, applicants would be rewarded with honor and glory.

・If it were to strike gold out of the projects (for example, the Emperor buys it ), there may be a distribution to the contributor based on their contribution.

  • You are welcome to participate in the project with tips, donation, offrings, charity, a kind of local gov Tax (but SSD is not responsible for whether the tax office allows donation deductions), or Patron (see here), but you will not be given any preferential treatment within the project by doing so.
  • Those rules are the Duckling rule. Detailed terms and conditions can be found in actual grown-ups rules.
  • To join the SSD project is currently free.
  • Base videos and Duckling videos must not be uploaded to SNS, Youtube, etc. without the permission of the Captain Duckling except an introduction sample of 15 seconds or less.
  • MY-MY videos and Combination videos must not to be uploaded without the permission of the video creator and the Captain Duckling.