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Session Starducks(SSD) Reception Desk

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Rush の販売用譜面のアイコンコンペをするというRush Icon Projectです。
This is new type of SSD project; competition for Rush score icon at Duckling score shop.


”LION- sleeping” is not scheduled to produce a Duckling video. Captain Duckling welcomes the creation of participants’ videos publicable and MY-MY videos.

こちらはフランチャイズですので、Session Starducks本部では投稿を受け付けておりません。オレオレ動画を作りたい方などは、「親方」にご相談ください。
Since the Primate Institute Annex is a franchise of Session Starducks, Captain Duckling does not accept submissions of videos about this. If you want to make an MY-MY video or to collaborate with them, please consult with “meister”.