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YOKO KANNO SEATBELTS Online Tanabata Festival

Thank you to everyone who has connected with us online.

The Tanabata Festival and World Tour has ended successfully.

The SEATBELTS members can add their dinner not only a side dish but also a dessert. Furthermore the staff will be given cherries and other fruits.

For those who contributed to the “Hiyoko Funding” for the festival, buying T-shirts with autograph. I’d like to thank all the fans who have purchased and supported this event.

We decided to hold this event in a hurry because of your support. The festival’s tadpoles(music notes) were indeed born from the voices of our fans.

We were groping our way through the unaccustomed distribution, we couldn’t advertise it in time, and on top of that, operations at Hiyoko-do and Starducks Headquarters were on the level of a school festival stall, so we apologize for the inconvenience we caused. Since the Captain runs unpredictably, it was hard to keep up with her.

The ship carrying Captain and SEATBELTS has just left the gravitational field.

“Oh, I’ve really enjoyed” the Captain said.

“What planet is this?!” She thought she heard voices from all over the world.

She said, I wonder,” the captain murmured.