七夕まつり / ひよこファンディング

Tanabata Festival and Duckling Funding!

中間発表はこちら / midterm announcement

企画意図 / Planning intent

Because Captain Duckling was so impressed by the Earthling survey and other fans’ messages, she is working for an online “Tanabata Festival” for all of you who have always supported Captain and SEATBELTS. To make it real, Captain are starting ”Duckling Funding.” This is what the Captain understands “crowdfunding”.
Notice: Tanabata is July 7, a special day associated with a romantic Japanese fairly tale story.

資金使途 / Use of fund

Part of the cost of running the online Tanabata Festival.

One more side dish for the Sheet Belts members’ dinner.

参加方法と達成目標/ How to Participate and Goals

Please purchase T-shirts at Captain Duckling score store( don’f forget to buy additional one for your family).

Invite music-loving friends to join in the “Online Tanabata Festival” (wearing same T-shirts means participate together even if the location is not the same).

Recommend to buy T-shirt to your friend, who doesn’t like music that much, saying you could cut it up and use it as a mask if you got tired of it.

Present a T-shirt to your subordinates and tell them to participate in the Tanabata Festival and to keep up the good work.

Present a T-shirt to your boss, saying “You are one of the best boss I’ve ever had. But if you would participate in the Tanabata Festival, you are definitely the best boss for me.”

TANK!とThe Real Folk Bluesのレコードラベルも一緒にいかがですか?
How about to buy a TANK! and The Real Folk Blues record label with T-shirt?

ゴール / goal to achieve

If the sales exceed 1,000,000 yen(ab.9,090USD) by June 20, Captain Duckling will be able to held “online Tanabata Music Festival.” “Tanabata” is the day of July 7, which is traditional festival day in Japan. We can send your T-shirts in time for the festival even overseas if you will buy until June 20 and choose appropriate delivery method.

By the 25th, if the fund exceed 2,000,000 yen(ab.18,180USD), Captain Duckling might be able to perform almost all the plans in her mind.

参加者のメリット / Benefit

You can boldly say that some of the notes the Captain writes are funded by me.

If you have strong mind, you can boldly say that the online Tanabata Festival was made possible because of my funding.

Duckling Funding investors will be listed on the virtual memorial of the Tanabata Festival (T-Shirt Owner’s Registry).


If you wore this t-shirt outside after Corona
You would be respected as a supporter of the Tanabata Festival.
You would have best friends with people you don’t know, being said, “You’re a comrade who supported the Tanabata Festival.

ただし/ However

However, please note that, due to the limitations of the current system, even if you buy a lot of T-shirts and/or record labels , the ticket price will not be discounted or come with the ticket. You need to buy ticket for the event.

You can NOT cancel your purchase at any reason. Even if the festival does not realize because the amount funded does not exceed 1,000,000 yen or other fatal problem occurs. Please also understand that.

Captain Duckling hopes to be able to get good kids from all over the world to join the festival, but, it is still unclear what areas of the world good kids can or cannot join the festival, because of the adult situation and system limitation. If you can read English and watch YouTube, you might be able to join the festival.