Actual grown-ups terms and conditions



Current project definition

Session Starducks (SSD) is a virtual project inviting professionals and amateurs to add on to a provided track/video in the following ways :

  • By recording an application video of yourself playing an instrument, singing, animating, etc. while following the base track. The videos SSD will select will be edited to be posted on the website as “ducklings videos”.
  • By recording yourself playing an instrument, singing, animating, etc. while following the base track and editing it yourself, then posting it on the website as a “My-My video”.
  • By adding your creative layer over another user’s video and posting it on the website as a “Combination video”.


SSD : Session Starducks (The project’s official abbreviation)
Applicants : The people who receive the Base video
Submitters : The people who submit own video to SSD

Post :  Sending MY-MY videos and Combination videos to SSD according to the prescribed procedure.
Base video : The video/audio SSD sends the applicants, which serves as a base for applicants’ performances.
Applicants’ video :  A video of yourself playing an instrument, singing, animating, etc. while following the Base video
Duckling video : A video made by SSD by editing and combining the Applicants’ videos
MY-MY video : A video made by a user using the Base video and Applicants’ video
Combination video : A video made by a user using Duckling video and/or another existing My-My video
Completed videos : All categories of videos as completed (Duckling, My-My and Combination)

Conditions for applying

You can only become a participant in this project if you agree to each of the following terms If you actually post a video to SSD according to the prescribed procedure, SSD will be deemed to be a participant who has agreed to the terms and conditions of participation.

Project management

Session Starducks (SSD) is operated by Meow on the Bridge Inc.

Regarding contents usage

Users rights

  • You own the rights to the content you post on the website.
  • If your video is used by SSD, you will be credited under the name you registered as, but this credit will be reliant on SSD.
  • Submitter are free to post the videos you created on other platforms (Applicants’, My-My and Combination videos). 

Creative licence

Submitter agrees to the following regarding the posted video

  • Applicants’ video can be used freely by SSD to create a Ducklings video.
  • Submitter does not assert identity preservation rights for posted videos.
  • Not to argue against the adoption or use of Duckling video.
  • Duckling videos and MY-MY videos being used as material for Combination videos
  • Completed videos will be posted by SSD.
  • You cannot request a monetary compensation regarding your videos’ usage as long as this usage stays within the limits of the project.
  • Once a video is submitted, you cannot edit your credit or take down the other users’ right to use it.

Applicants rules

  • You are allowed to use the videos posted on the website only under the project’s rules.
  • You are allowed to post your videos on social media, but SSD may ask you to take down content that doesn’t comply to the terms and conditions.
  • You must credit the creators of the videos you are using.
  • If you use an audio/video track owned by SSD but do not post it, you may keep the video for you own enjoyment but are not allowed to use it outside of this project. 

Submitter’s rules

Submitter declare and warrant the following for any video submitter post

  • Submitter has sufficient rights to post
  • The rights of a third party are not infringed.
  • That the video does not violate the laws of Japan

SSD’s rights

SSD reserves the right to change or terminate this project at any time.

SSD shall have the exclusive right to publish the Completed videos on the project’s site and other sites to generate advertising revenue, and to use and monetize the Duckling video in any way it chooses.

Concerning personal information

The personal information collected will be used for the operation of this project and the planning of subsequent projects.

Governing law

This project shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, and in the unlikely event that a court of law should arise, the court of jurisdiction shall be the Tokyo District Court.

The original text of this agreement shall be in Japanese. Other language versions are reference translations.